Karmic astrology drives ZoTality and its online platforms

Karmic astrology drives ZoTality and its online platforms

Karmic astrology drives ZoTality and its dating, matrimony, and relational networking & 24/7 astro guidance platforms. ZoTality’s proprietary astro algorithms, content, and predictions act as a preventive protocol for managing relationships and important life issues.

Karmic astrology drives ZoTality and its karmic mall

ZoTality’s platforms are seamlessly integrated with the Karmic Mall (or ZoStore) – a karmic astrology based eCommerce offering. ZoStore offers authentic astro products and credible astro guidance from qualified astrologers with at least a graduate, if not postgraduate or doctorate, degree or diploma in karmic astrology (“Jyotish”). 

Karmic astrology is the study of karma

Karmic astrology (“Jyotish“) is the study of karma. And, the birth chart – in karmic astrology – is considered the map of the past accumulated karma of a person. A qualified astrologer, therefore, throws light on the possibilities, based on the study of the past accumulated karma. A qualified karmic astrologer can forewarn of the possibilities of good or bad times. Effort and determination (current karma), however, can help carve one’s destiny, even in the worst of times.

The aim of karmic astrology

The ultimate aim of karmic astrology is to help a person seek and realize the light within. This realization, on one’s karmic path, is achieved through the pursuit of the following four objectives of human life.

  • Dharma (the personal truth, and spiritual path)
  • Artha (acquisition of wealth)
  • Kama (enjoyment of physical, sexual, and worldly pleasures), and
  • Moksha (self-realization)

ZoTality’s dating and matrimony platforms are based on karmic astrology

Karmic astrology drives ZoTality and its compatibility algorithms

ZoMatch.com  and  KundaliMatrimony.com help users find that special someone whose karma will compliment theirs. And, together they can explore, and experience the peace of Dharma, blessings and lure of Artha, delights and ecstasy of Kama, and bliss of Moksha.

I invite and welcome you to embark on your karmic journey with ZoTality.

CEO, Zotality, Inc.

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