The US-registered Zotality Inc. employs karmic (known as “Vedic astrology” or “Jyotish“) to redefine relationships and life management and disrupt matchmaking. The Company utilizes technology to offer astrological guidance online.
The Company leverages the belief of a billion Hindus in karmic or Vedic astrology and the recent upsurge in the use of astrology by the millennials in the US and UK to guide users in managing relationships, romance, marriage, career, children, health, litigation, and other life issues.

Vision ZoTality

Employ technology to make – the ancient system of – karmic/Vedic astrology more accessible worldwide for holistic compatibility, relationships, and life management solutions.


Advantage ZoTality

ZoTality is the only karmic/Vedic astrology and relationships-based offering for datingmarriage, and 24/7 holistic Astro-guidance.

Mission ZoTality

Leverage the favorable Hindu demographics, worldwide popularity of astrology, and upsurge in the use of astrology by millennials in the US and UK to facilitate compatibility in romance, marriage, interpersonal relationships, and life issues management.

Zotality’s Online Platforms

The Company owns and operates the following online services:
  • – A karmic/Vedic astrology-based social-discovery and dating platform for holistic matchmaking and relationship guidance. The dating service is designed for use worldwide. It proposes to retain even live-in and married couples as members and paid subscribers by incentivizing them to migrate to the 24/7 holistic Astro-guidance service.
  • – A karmic/Vedic astrology-based online matrimony destination for matrimonial matchmaking and relationship guidance. The site was developed specifically for the 1.3 billion people, with 600 million below 30 years in India. The matrimonial matchmaking service proposes to retain even live-in and married couples as members and paid subscribers by incentivizing them to migrate to the 24/7 holistic Astro-guidance service.
  • 24/7 holistic Astro-guidance – the proposed online Astro-guidance platform employs proprietary content based on karmic/Vedic astrology and interpersonal-relations to manage relationships. The platform offers individual and relationship-based updates/predictions as a preventive protocol for managing relationships and life issues such as romance, marriage, children, health, finance, career, litigation, buying or moving into a house, and more. The paid-subscription plans to the holistic Astro-guidance service will offer highly personalized astro-updates and consultations with a graduate, postgraduate, or Ph.D. in karmic astrology.
  • Astro-eCommerce – The proposed astro-eCommerce offering is integrated with the online dating, matrimony, and 24/7 holistic Astro-guidance services of ZoTality. The integrated astro-eCommerce pages will offer authentic products, such as effective astro-gemstones, and highly customized and credible Astro-guidance from qualified astrologers with a Graduate, Postgraduate, or Doctorate in Karmic-astrology. Also wedding, religion, and spiritual products and services, including the services of the Hindu priests who are generally astrologers also.
NOTE: Zotality Inc. released and successfully market-tested the online matrimony, and social discovery and dating destinations. And, the 24/7 holistic Astro-guidance, and  astro eCommerce services are expected in 2024.

ZoTality employs proprietary astro algorithms & content.

The Company uses proprietary astro-algorithms and astro-content to drive karmic astrology based predictive tools and services. Qualified astrologers with a Postgraduate or Doctorate in Karmic Astrology (Jyotish) developed ZoTality’s astro algorithms and content.
Qualified-astrologers with a graduate, post-graduate, or doctorate in karmic astrology offer guidance in matters of relationship, romance, marriage, career, litigation, children, and other important life issues.
Millennial are obsessed with Astrology

Introducing Holistic Astro Guidance

The quantum leap from astro predictions to credible astro guidance as a preventive protocol to manage relationships and life.

ZoTality proposes to launch the world’s first karmic astrology based and relationships driven “24/7 holistic astro guidance” service. The astro guidance service will allow users to assign a relationship (such as friend, lover, spouse, son, mother in law, niece, uncle, and others) to each friend/contact, and also offer interpersonal astro predictions – based on the assigned relationship – to optimize the outcomes of interactions.
The proposed 24/7 holistic astro guidance service will help users manage relationships and act as a preventive protocol for the management of important life issues. The paid-subscription to the astro guidance service will offer highly personalized astro updates and consultations with a graduate, postgraduate, or Ph.D. in karmic astrology.
The basic features, and the underlying astro algorithms and content, of the proposed 24/7 holistic astro guidance platform have already been developed and tested.



This dating / social discovery site utilizes over 1000 years old precepts of the synastry of astrology (known as “Guna Milap” in India) to find compatible dates and lasting relationships for its users.  Its mission is to facilitate compatible connections and enjoyable dating experiences and maximize the prospects of long term relationships. 

ZoMatch, we believe, is the answer to the compatibility riddle in Europe and the US.



Kundali Matrimony is for those Indians who are serious about finding themselves a spouse.  It utilizes the precepts of the synastry of astrology (Guna Milap), and Mangalik (Mars) and Astro-Dosha (astro-blemish) analysis, to help users find their karmic soul mate.


The site also proposes to retain users beyond marriage by incentivizing them to migrate to the 24/7 holistic astro guidance service.



Astro eCommerce

The astro eCommerce pages will offer authentic products, such as astro gemstones, and credible astro guidance related to important life issues, such as romance, dating, marriage, children, career, litigation, and more. The astro eCommerce pages will also offer wedding, and religion and spirituality related products and service, and will be seamlessly integrated with the matrimony, dating, and 24/7 holistic astro guidance services of ZoTality.







Users can select a birth-chart format of their preference.

The Depth & Size of the Market(s)

  • India has over 620 million Internet users and 1.3 billion people.
  • Indian demographics are favorable for dating and matrimonial sites.  In India, over 300 million of the 1.3 billion people are between 18 and 35 years of age!  And, about 600 million are below 30 years of age!
  • Karmic astrology (Jyotish) is and has been a way of life in India for nearly 2000 years. Astrologers are consulted regularly on matters related to love, marriage, divorce, children, health, litigation, the naming of a child, business, career, partnerships, purchasing a house, moving into business property, signing important documents, and practically all-important life issues.
  • Karmic astrology (Jyotish) is recognized as science by the court of law in India, and many reputed colleges and universities offer bachelor and master level courses in karmic astrology.
  • In karmic-astrology, the birth-chart is considered the map of a person’s past accumulated Karma, and the belief in Karma is indisputable with over one billion followers of the Hindu faith.
  • In India alone, the astrology market in 2010 was estimated to be between Rupees 45,000 and 50,000 Crore (or between US $10 bn and 11 bn based on the then exchange rate of Rupees 44.97 for US $1 on March 31, 2010). That market, at 5% year-to-year growth, could be worth between Rupees 69,810 and 77,566 Crore in 2019 (or in US Dollar terms, between US $9.83 bn and $10.92 bn, based on the significantly depreciated exchange rate of Rupees 71.03 for US $1 on October 31, 2019).
  • The $40 bn worth religion and spirituality market, in India, is also intricately connected with astrology. The detection, and alleviation of negative, and harmful planetary affects require the services, including the chanting of mantras and prayers, of qualified Hindu priests or pundits, who generally happen to be astrologers too.
  • Zotality specifically plans to target the enormous Indian wedding market pegged roughly at about $40 bn annually, through sale of products and services such as Jyotish sensitive wedding jewelry and gem-stone, wedding apparel and related items, pre-marital astro and general investigation, comprehensive wedding planning and arrangements including arrangement of qualified priests, who generally happen to be astrologers also, for Hindu weddings.
  • Nearly half of all Americans say astrology is either “very scientific” or “sort of scientific, according to a survey by the National Science Foundation.
  • The recent resurgence in astrology is driven by the millennial in Europe and the US.
  • Millennials are turning to astrology to combat stress, according to a CBS coverage.
  • Astrology is not a niche market in the US anymore, and nearly 40% of American women read their horoscopes at least once a month. According to IBIS World, the US psychic industry revenues from palmistry, cartomancy, mediumship, aura reading, astrology, and others were $2 billion in 2018.
  • Cosmopolitan, which reaches 81 million readers every month, reported that 74% of its readers are obsessed with astrology, and 72% check their horoscopes daily!
  • Venture and institutional funds have finally caught up with the astrology market. In 2019 alone, Sanctuary – an astrology app which, for $19.95 a month, provides free daily horoscopes and a monthly one-on-one chat with an astrologer – was funded by Five Four Ventures. And, a few weeks after Sanctuary was available for download, Co-Star – an app that lets people download and compare their birth charts – raised over $5m in funding from venture capital firms.
  • The compatibility matching precepts employed by Zotality have been tried and tested for 2000 years and are a prerequisite for the formalization of millions of marriages even today.  These compatibility matching precepts are equally applicable to the online dating users of Europe and North America.

Naresh Belwal
(The Founder)

Mr. Belwal is the President and Founder of Zotality, Inc. He is also an officer and a director at Brainybrawn, Inc. Previously, he headed investment-banking services at a boutique broker-dealer / investment-banking firm located on Wall Street. Mr. Belwal’s 11 years experience in the finance & brokerage industry spans across all stages of the processes involved in evaluating, structuring, and closing financing proposal and guiding early-stage and small companies in evaluating and structuring mergers and acquisition transactions. He holds a Bachelor’s in Economics from Delhi University and a Masters in Business Administration from Pace University, New York.


Mr. Belwal is a visionary with a keen eye for emerging trends and an acute understanding of what is required for a developing company to be successful.


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