Our worldwide worldwide dating (ZoMatch.com), Indian matrimonial matchmaking (KundaliMatrimony.com), and 24/7 astro guidance services will be seamlessly integrated with astro eCommerce offering. The integrated eCommerce pages will offer astrological products and services; including products related to spirituality and religion because karmic astrology is intricately connected with karma, spirituality, religion, and holistic living.

  • About a million+ mundane queries are put to predictive karmic astrologers (Jyotishis) each day in India! Queries such as will my father recover from illness? Will I pass my exams? What are the chances of landing a job? When will I get married? Will our marriage last? And many more. And, more than 625 million people were online in 2019 in India.
  • The highly fragmented astrology products and services related market in India is worth over Rupees 70,000 crore (about $ 10 billion).
  • The $40 bn worth religion and spirituality market, in India, is intricately connected with astrology. The detection, and alleviation of negative, and harmful planetary affects require the services, of a qualified astrologer, who generally happens to be a Hindu pundit or priest. The prayer rituals themselves require incense, prayer books and utensils, prayer candles, and other prayer specific items.
  • Zotality specifically plans to target the enormous Indian wedding market pegged roughly at about $51 bn annually, through sale of products and services such as Jyotish sensitive wedding jewelry and gem-stone, wedding apparel and related items, pre-marital investigation, comprehensive wedding planning and arrangements, including the arrangement of qualified priests – who generally happens to be an astrologer too – for Hindu weddings.
  • The eCommerce market in India will be worth US $120 Billion in 2020, according to IBEF.

Highly customized astro predictions and guidance from qualified astrologers with graduate, postgraduate, and Ph.D. in karmic astrology (Jyotish), and related products & services will be sold through the seamlessly integrated astro eCommerce pages and modules on the worldwide dating (ZoMatch.com), Indian matrimony (KundaliMatrimony.com), and 24/7 holistic astro guidance platforms. The sites will offer products and services such as astro-gemstones, and customized and credible astrological readings, and guidance from qualified astrologers.

Products and services to be sold

  • Astro readings and predictions will be sold worldwide on ZoMatch and 24/7 Holistic Astro Guidance services, and, in India, on KundaliMatrimony  – ($10 billion astro services market in India and $2 billion psychic industry, including astrology, in the USA)
    1. Personalized annual and life reading by experts
    2. Fee based consultation on specific issues such as health, job, etc. and calculation of astrologically auspicious times for product launch, marriage, opening ceremony, partnership-matching and more
    3. Remedial measures to lessen the impact of an adverse planet, zodiac and planetary condition
    4. Astrology related books and materials
  • Gem Stones sold worldwide on ZoMatch, KundaliMatrimony, and 24×7 astro guidance services
    1. Sale of occasion, purpose, and birth-stones
    2. Astro-gemstone life infusion process (Praan Pratishtha) by qualified astrologers / Hindu priests
  • Wedding related ($51 billion market in India)
    1. Arrangement of Hindu priests – also astrologers – for fixing wedding date and time, conducting wedding rituals and ceremonies, and more
    2. Astrologically auspicious wedding jewelry
    3. Items related to performance of wedding prayers and rituals
    4. pre-marital investigation
    5. Wedding planning and arrangements
  • Spiritual, religious and astro products ($40 billion religion and spiritual services market in India alone)
    1. Prayer materials – incense, books, and also astrology books & other material
    2. Services of Hindu priests – who are generally Jyotishis (predictive karmic astrologers) also, for conducting spiritual and religious, including wedding, ceremonies, and prayers and rituals
  • Subscription based, recurring revenue, services
    1. Subscription to the premium plans of the Indian  matrimonial matchmaking service – KundaliMatrimony.com; ($318 million online matrimonial matchmaking market in India alone).
    2. Subscription to the premium plans of the dating service – ZoMatch.com; ($6 billion online dating market worldwide).
    3. Subscription to the premium plans on the 24/7 astro guidance service ($10 billion astro services market in India alone, and $2 billion psychic services market; including palmistry, astrology, and other; in the US): The 24/7 astro guidance service will be offered to anyone seeking holistic astro guidance to manage interpersonal relationships and important life issues. The premium plans of the service will also be offered, at deeply discount prices, as a natural upgrade to the premium plan subscribers on the worldwide dating and Indian matrimonial matchmaking platforms.  The premium variant of the life, relationships, & 24/7 astro guidance service will provide highly personalized 24/7 astro updates as a preventive protocol to manage important life issues and interpersonal relationships via account notifications, sms, and emails. The premium plan subscribers, to the astro guidance service, will also enjoy online and phone consultation with a graduate, postgraduate, or Ph.D. in karmic astrology.


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