The online services leverage the time-tested belief of over a billion Hindus in karmic-astrology/Vedic astrology and the resurgence of astrology in Europe and the USA.

The worldwide dating and Indian matrimonial matchmaking services are released and market-tested for acceptability and an aggressive marketing launch in India.

India (with over 1 billion people who believe in karma and karmic astrology at some level) is the low-hanging fruit for Zotality and its services. The Company, however, will release the dating and proposed 24/7 holistic Astro-guidance services in Europe and the US.

The worldwide dating, Indian matrimonial matchmaking, and 24/7 holistic astro guidance services are integrated seamlessly with astro eCommerce, offering astrological products and services.

Our worldwide dating service utilizes the ancient and time-tested precepts of the synastry of astrology (Guna Milap) to find compatible dates and lasting relationships for users. The online platform facilitates karmic astrology-based online dating and holistic matchmaking and offers relationship guidance. The site helps users find their karmic companions and avoid wasting time on physically and emotionally incompatible matches.

The worldwide dating service will retain live-in partners and married couples as users or paid subscribers by incentivizing them to migrate to the 24/7 holistic astro guidance service. 

The Indian matrimonial matchmaking service – – too utilizes the synastry of astrology (Guna Milap) and various other Jyotish precepts to find karma-compatible marital alliances for those – Indians – who are serious about finding themselves a spouse. In addition to religion, caste, and physical & socio-economic attributes, we provide the Guna Milan, Mars, Astro-blemish, and birth-chart compatibility matching with all matches for FREE! The matrimonial matchmaking service will retain live-in partners and married couples as users and paid subscribers by incentivizing them to migrate to the 24/7 holistic Astro-guidance service.
The 24/7 holistic Astro-guidance service employs interpersonal relations – such as those between husband & wife, daughter & mother, daughter in law & mother in law, nephew & uncle, etc. – and proprietary Astro-predictions based on karmic-astrology as a preventive protocol to manage relationships, and life issues such as romance, marriage, health, children, education, finance, career, investment, litigation, and others. The paid subscription to the premium plans on the  24/7 holistic Astro-guidance platform will offer highly personalized astro-updates, predictions, and online and phone consultations with qualified astrologers with a graduate, postgraduate, or Ph.D. in karmic astrology.
The 24/7 holistic astro guidance service will help users optimize interpersonal interactions and help them manage life issues in the pursuit of personal truth (Dharma), wealth (Artha), physical and sexual contentment(Kama), and spiritual bliss (Moksha).

The Astro-eCommerce modules and the 24/7 holistic Astro-guidancedating, and matrimony services are integrated seamlessly. The integrated Astro-eCommerce service will offer authentic products, such as effective Astro-gemstones, and customized and credible Astro-guidance from qualified astrologers with a graduate, postgraduate, or doctorate in karmic astrology. ZoTality will verify all astro-analysis and predictions to meet the guidelines and rules stipulated in the ancient authoritative karmic astrology (Jyotish) texts and scriptures. The astro eCommerce service will also offer astrologically aligned wedding products and services on the matrimonial matchmaking platform. The Company will offer spiritual and religious services on the 24/7 holistic astro guidance platform.


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